Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Annika Marie!

Happy Birthday to the prettiest, smartest, 12 year-old I know!

Birthday Card in "Annika" Calligraphy

My version of an e-card! This is my "Annika" font, dedicated to my favorite birthday girl.

The card and envelope are both fuchsia pink and I designed the envelope liner to match. Next time, I'll have to add some illustrations. I promise my next birthday cards will actually physically make it out on time! And I know exactly whose birthday that will be!

Now to start celebrating the holidays...


  1. Thanks Michelle! Nice of you to drop by!

  2. Such a sweet and pretty card! Happy birthday to her :)

  3. Thank you Dorkys! I missed her birthday so I'll make it up to her next year :D


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