Thursday, December 2, 2010

seaside inspiration

While shopping for paper (which I spend waaay too much money on) I came across this pretty pack of cardstock that immediately brought the beach to mind. (I've lived in a tropical country most of my life, I think about the beach a lot!)

Immediately, I started thinking about what I could do with it and what symbols/icons remind me of the beach.

So I've come up with two seaside themed place cards/tent cards/escort cards. 

A Seashell Design...

And a Starfish Design!

Wouldn't they be so whimsical on a table with some sand, more pretty pebbles, and white flowers? Perhaps I'll try making a seahorse next.

Do you have any suggestions for sea themed place card/escort card?


  1. Just wanted to say these are lovely. We're getting married in Jamaica and having an ocean themed reception so this gave me some great ideas.


  2. Thank you Ashley! I've got some for sale at my etsy store if you're interested! Will drop by your blog soon!


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