Monday, December 13, 2010

creative classes

I've been so busy lately! Looking back at the last six months, I remember there used to be days where I'd just stay home, cook, clean, watch tv, and do errands. And now I'm usually working on some new project, constantly moving about, and working to expand my blog and etsy shop.

I realize that I'm lucky enough to live near San Francisco, where there are so many wonderful arts-related classes that I can take. And boy, do I plan to take advantage of that!

Graphic Design has always been something I've skirted around. I've taken some Photoshop classes and photography classes. I've dabbled in different kinds of artistic mediums, watercolor, oil paint, pen, and ink. And every year, I would design our family's holiday e-card, that my dad would send out. (Guess I'm not doing that this year, *sigh*.)

But going back to the topic of classes, there are a few that I would really like to take.

There are quite a few of them I want to take, namely Photoshop, Illustator, InDesign, etc. And if I take the required courses as well as the ones I'm really interested in, I'd end up with a professional certificate in Graphic Design!

2. Letterpress Classes

Photo from

I'd originally wanted to take it from Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day but she's going on hiatus and moving to Paris for a year. (How awesome is that?) 

Maybe I'll just take them at the San Francisco Center for the Book which offers lot of artistic and book-related workshops. It's a beautiful craft, one that I'd never though I'd have the opportunity to learn.

3. I've got more calligraphy classes in mind. There are a few offered by Orinda Recreation, Piedmont Adult School, and some in San Francisco too.

4. And more photography classes (yes, somewhere in my future, be it distant, there is a DSLR waiting again.)

5. And maybe some web developing classes so I could improve my blog design and perhaps design other websites too.

What can I say? Creativity runs in my blood. (My mother is a decorator and she decorates beautifully. She also makes accessories and dabbles in a few other things as well.) Creating is my bliss and I'm always all for learning. 

Let's hope I get to cross off a few things on this list within the next year or two.


  1. Sweetie!

    I say go, go, go! I still remember your beautiful handwriting, and the personalized memo pad you gave me na may full name na print ko. My new Mac has all of the Adobe Programs that you mentioned, most of which I dunno how to use except for Lightroom and Photoshop, haha. Photography is something am working to be good at, because I suck in anything handrafted or inked (my handwriting, for one).

    Dreams do come true, but they take a while. Good luck! Mwah.

  2. Thanks Maan! So much to learn out there! But doesn't it feel great to be learning new things? Must be the educators in us :) Thanks for the encouragement, I might just quote you and put that up on my wall :)


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