Sunday, January 2, 2011

Merry Monograms

Before we got married, one of the things I constantly obsessed about, was a wedding monogram. I loved how it was a symbol of your marriage, how it united the names together, and just how PRETTY they looked! Plus I wanted to use it on everything. Save the dates, invitations, signs, banners, napkin rings, on your menus and seating cards, whatever you wanted! 

Our monogram was taken off our beautiful wedding invitation from The Write Impression, our names in a simple, beautiful font that  was displayed everywhere, on our invitation, table numbers, photo-booth photos, and our thank you cards. If I had had more time, I probably would have even placed it on our napkin rings, chairs, buffet table, you name it!

In anticipation and excitement of the many design/digital media classes I hope to be taking, I got super excited and started designing more wedding monograms! Check these out:

All these monograms and more, will be up for sale as digital files at the etsy store and of course, they'll be customized with names, dates, and colors. I've got many, many ideas in the works for these monograms. They're just so much fun and full of possibility!

Happy 2011, everyone!


  1. i loved your wedding monogram!!!! the ones above are lovely too :)

    as i'm working in the design industry now.. and as I've always wanted to live in the bay area.. please don't forget to hire me when you get super big time na :D

  2. I love the JR one!!

  3. IF I have a birthday party this year, I will surely get in touch with you for invites and party favors.

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Pi, let's keep our fingers crossed and keep dreaming!

    Gina, I'm excited for the blog hop!

    Ate, Anything and everything you need, including chocolate hehe :D

  5. They are very beautiful and creative. I love them! : ) Wishing you all the best with this new store!

  6. Kaishon's Mommy, Thanks for stopping by! Will pay you a visit soon! :)


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