Saturday, December 4, 2010

presenting... the chocolate pocket!

With the holidays coming up, my husband and I wanted to give little tokens as gifts to friends, family, and co-workers. Of course we wanted to give my specialty, homemade Almond Bark. (Bite size candy pieces made of a buttery, crunchy, graham layer, topped by premium dark chocolate and toasted almonds!)

And I wanted nice, Christmas-themed, handy little containers.

So, the Chocolate Pocket was born!

The cute pillow box pockets measure 4.25 in x 2.5 x 1 inch and they hold about 1 oz of bite size candy pieces.

I also have non-Christmas-themed pockets of course, lots of cute little prints and solid colors as well. I'm going to start selling them on Etsy soon, at $2.50 a pocket. Perfect for wedding favors, baby shower favors, as any kind of party favor, really!

And of course, a hello, whimsy! special pocket.

Aren't they adorable? I am currently obsessed with them. I'm even making matching scallop circle or square shaped tags. I can't wait to give them out for Christmas!

Candy Pockets also up for grabs so if you'd like to order some, just send me an e-mail at


  1. mai!! i love your new site!!! i love crafts! I love art! i love calligraphy!! just haven't had the patience for it recently so I'm glad i can vicariously through your creations. keep it coming :) and send over a pan of that almond graham toffee while you're it ;)

  2. Thank you Pi! Will definitely send you some when I get back to the Philippines :D


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