Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lots of Thank Yous!

I wanted to come up with special thank you pillow boxes, and I started out by first designing the paper to make them with, since I couldn't find any available. I wanted one that would say "thank you" all over the sheet.

So I give you, my first "thank you" sheet!

I whipped these up in Photoshop then printed them out.

And then made... Thank You Pillow Boxes!

I've always believed gratitude to be very important and that's become such a big source of inspiration. Expect lots of thank you inspired work in the future! And pillow boxes too! Can you tell I'm obsessed with pillow boxes?

The digital file is up for sale on etsy and the pillow boxes will be soon too! Stay tuned!


  1. Thank you Meredith! Working on a few more related pieces :)

  2. Very cute, I'm working on thank you cards for the wedding as I type this. Happy SITS sharefest!


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